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EVERYONE STOP WHAT THEY ARE DOING! A theatre accidentally played Rise Of The Guardians instead of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

This has officially made my night. Oh my god.


You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog

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so, let me get this straight.

ben c was khan in star trek. he was smaug in the goddamned hobbit. and he plays sherlock holmes is what is arguable becoming one of the most popular shows worldwide.

and you’re telling me.

he went to the san diego fucking comic con

for the penguins of fucking madagascar.

Chile ♥


Chile puso a España en un avión, a Brasil de rodillas y al mundo a sus pies.


GRANDE CHILE ! hoy Chile esta de luto pero a pesar de la derrota demostraron ser un equipo excepcional luchando cada minuto! orgullosa de ser Chilena hoy y siempre <3 


Huge respect for Chile. You guys are REMARKABLE. You got NOTHING to be sorry about. Jesus Christ… Best world cup EVER!